At TAE we take the guessing game out of training. We are consistently gathering information on our athletes so we can make educated decisions. Before each training session we use our omegawave system to get a current state of readiness. This allows us to train the athlete specifically to what they can adapt on that day. We pride ourselves on quality training not quantity. Our athletes also use fatigue science bands developed at the US ARMY research center to track sleep quality. This validated sleep measurement system quantify sleep’s effects on performance indicators like reaction time and judgment.

performance training

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding coaching. Each training program is only as effective as the coach providing it. At TAE we have over 30 years of coaching experience with high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. We understand that our bodies reveal a multidirectional architecture that is 3 Dimensional (3D). Traditional training methods are only 1 Dimensional (1D). We must train our athletes for the authentic environments they see on the field, but we also have an appreciation for the effect structure has on functional movement. We address each athletes joint position through manual therapy techniques and specific exercises to ensure to we unlock the 3D capability of our movement. This allows us to architect an athlete that has a strong movement foundation in order to build a new level of strength, speed, and explosiveness