Benefits of one-on-one training paired with the community aspect of group training.




2x a week Semi-Private training includes everything below. Clients will be expected to complete an additional 2 days of training on their own through the week. Programming will be set for the "on your own" days.



4x a week semi-private training includes all services listed below. Clients will be expected to complete 1 day of training on their own to complete one day of the week. Programming will be set for the "on your own" day.

  • Initial Welcome Box

    • White Evolve T-shirt

    • Fatigue Science band

      • Fatigue Science combines wearable tech with biomathematical science from the US Army Research Lab to offer unprecedented insight into sleep and fatigue. Seeing the effects of poor sleep can aid in the promotion of positive sleep habits, as well as detect underlying sleep issues.

    • 2 golden tickets for a free basic evaluation for a friend

    • TAE Sticker

  • One OmegaWave Test per Week

    • We are looking for how your body adapts and focusing on the Central Nervous, Cardiac, Metabolic, and Hormonal Systems. After analyzing this data, we are able to pivot, adjust, and validate that our course is optimal.

  • Individualized Training + Corrective Exercise Program

  • Moxy Use in sessions

    • Moxy helps identify optimal training intensity zones and provides feedback on the physiologic systems limiting performance. Moxy is easy to use, mobile, non-invasive and affordable, making it widely applicable to athletes and trainers of every calling-

  • Spirotiger Protocols

    • The unique endurance training device for respiratory training consists of a hand held unit with a respiratory pouch. The easy to operate monitoring electronics allow us to train breathing safely and in a specific manner. In case of regular training, measurable results will already be achieved in a few weeks.

  • Individualized Nutrition Plan

  • Blood-work Analysis [Lab fee included with 1st month - Basic Panel]

  • Supplement Recommendations

  • Community Environment & Facebook Group

  • 12 week initial commitment [3 cycles]