August 4th & 5th, 2018  [9:00am-5:00pm]

Drive 495
495 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Early Bird  $499  // Until July 1st
                  $599 // After July 1st


         On August 4th and 5th Aaron Davis and Pat Estes (Train Adapt Evolve) will be presenting their performance model at Drive 495. Their use of objective physiological data (Moxy and Omegawave) to drive training decisions is something often talked about by performance coaches, but rarely utilized. By using a truly physiology driven model for performance, Aaron and Pat are able to elicit significant adaptation in their athletes in short periods of time. 
         On Saturday, Aaron will be presenting on performance physiology and will share his forward thinking view of the dynamic nature of the systems of the human body. Although some of the concepts presented will seem familiar, the information will provoke several learning moments, where you will likely question your current models for physical preparation and energy systems development. 
         On Sunday, Pat and Aaron will take several pre-chosen subjects through their full assessment process with the same equipment they utilize. They will then show exactly how they would program in the micro and macro sense. This will be a very rare opportunity to draw back the curtain and see how two brilliant coaches utilize important physiological data to get optimal results.