Well… I’m going against the advice of most people around me and going back to what started the whole thing: Writing about Program Design.  

“Why give away your secrets?”

Because there are no secrets.  

Just different methods and solutions. Not only that, but my solution are highly individualized.  It’s not made to be replicated. It’s not a public program or “Squat Cycle” you can find online, but a guide for the athlete to realize who they really are, based on who they really are.

When I first started TrackingDavis (my first site) all I wrote about was Program Design. I have not written much on the topic since because:

  1. I was coaching a shit ton. (Shit ton: High volume of local clients + high volume of remote programming clients. Which, by the way, is a personal life disaster.)

  2. I was tinkering and making mistakes.

  3. I didn’t want to become like all the other ‘keyboard coaches’ you see everyday pimping out their blogs.

In short, I became disenamored by the fitness industry.

Truthfully, the only thing that has changed since then is “1”

“1” took a lot of time. I can’t stress this enough…

Quality over Quantity. IN EVERYTHING!

So here’s the agenda: Every week we will break down aspects of Program Design. The first part of the series will be focused on the competitive pursuit in the sport of CrossFit.  Next will be running (both Sprinting and Endurance), then Olympic Weightlifting. Finally, if I get more questions from coaches about Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) for youth athletes I will cover that as well.

I chose CrossFit first because I believe we (Train Adapt Evolve) look at the sport from a different perspective. I didn’t start as a Powerlifting, Strength, Olympic Weightlifting, or CrossFit Coach. I started as a Track and Field Coach. I was never in love with CrossFit from an athlete’s perspective, so I am not married to the protocols.

I am married to my coaching education in Track and Field. I was fortunate to have run for Coach Damon Martin at Adams State College (“University” now), whose depth in knowledge of the energy systems is unlike anyone’s I have ever met. He was the first one to put an IAAF New Studies in Athletics  in my hand as well.

From there Dennis Weber at Fort Hays State forced me to think like a sprinter. Made me realize coordination, biomechanics, and muscle quality come first.  

Last year spent time with Dan Pfaff and Stu McMillan at the World Athletics Center. Hell, I even got offered an opportunity to coach in China (patting myself on the back) though it didn’t work out. John Godina must thought I was going to make the Chinese do “Reps for Jesus!” (inside joke). Yet it was a nice tip of the hat that maybe my obsessive learning and coaching over the years were for good reason.

I mention my experience as a reminder that I am looking at the sport of CrossFit through different eyes than most. Even now we are using the Omegawave Team System extensively with our CrossFit competitors.  Which to my knowledge, might be one of the few in the U.S. doing so.  

I am fully aware of the loyalty of the CrossFit culture, so remember the articles to follow are just my perspective. It is not meant to piss in your (Training Theory) Kool-Aid.


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By: Aaron Davis of Train Adapt Evolve